What is Sophos Firewall and Benefits?

Sophos Firewall provides powerful centralized management appliances such as firewall, gateway, anti-virus, VPN, web filtering, bandwidth management, intrusion detection and prevention. In this post we will define what is Sophos firewall, features and solutions of this firewall.

What is Sophos Firewall?

What is Sophos Firewall? Sophos Firewall is Network Security appliances which is available as a Next-Generation Firewall. It has multiple security features and services in a single device on the network to protecting users from security threats in a simplified way.

This firewall has the capability to protect from all types of security threats, including cyber-attacks such as ransomware, worms, DDoS and IP Spoofing and network based attacks. This firewall are typically used for organizations network.

The firewall has following types of important features.

  • It is flexible and user-based control monitoring system
  • It is powerful centralized network management tools
  • It will help to identify the main source of infection on your network
  • Internet bandwidth can easily managed
  • It can monitor web traffic on your network
  • It stop infected website by web filtering
  • It use VPN to remote access on your network
  • It scanning for viruses and malware
  • It can identify unwanted threats on your network
  • It supports standards-based VPN technologies

what is Sophos firewall

Benefits of Sophos Firewall

Sophos firewall offers comprehensive network, web application and email security solution which ensure secure remote access and data leakage prevention. It is a centralized system that enables organizations to implement and ensure high levels of cyber security with visibility across global locations. Sophos XG Firewalls are good for mid and large size organizations.

The major benefits of this firewall are as follows:

  • It provides simplified configuration and supports
  • It is faster up-times and reduced latency
  • It provides simplified security management system
  • It has web based GUI management interface
  • It can monitor and analyze of users current activities
  • It can provides reports and diagnostics
  • It protect from cyber threats such as viruses, botnet and intruders
  • It provides integrated perimeter security
  • It protect your email from spam and phishing email
  • It will protect your Wi-Fi and web server from threats
  • You can set your rules on firewall
  • It shows different types of messages such as warning and alert
  • It has the capability to show you current security threats on your network.

Sophos firewall secure, monitor and control of your network and IT infrastructure. Sophos endpoint, email and web solutions provide you to protect from virus, malware, spyware, intrusions, unwanted threats, spam, and data leakage.

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