How to Make an Email Group in Gmail?

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Gmail is one of the most popular, useful, efficient, and secure free email service provided by Google. It has the several features such as spam filtering, email conversation, report as spam email, phishing email, instant message and phone call in the world. Gmail also has an option to create a group email. In this article, we will show you “How to make an email group in Gmail”.

Email group is a collection of multiple email accounts and sender can use the group email when compose an email. A group email may contain different types of contact such as friends, project members, departments, and employees.

How to Make an Email Group in Gmail?

How to make an email group in Gmail? In today’s technological world, electronic mail is one of the best methods of communication for both business professional or personal use. There are number of email service providers in the marketplace such as Gmail, AOL, Outlook, Zoho, Yahoo! Mail, Proton Mail, and iCloud Mail.

There are two categories of email services, which are as follows:

  1. Email clients and
  2. Web mail

How to make an email group in Gmail?

1. Email clients

Email client is a software application or program that you need to install into the computer and you can send or receive emails. By using email clients you can compose, send, receive, and read emails. Example– best example for email clients are Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Apple Mail.

2. Webmail

Webmail is a web based application for accessing the emails through internet and web browser. Example– best example for webmail services are: Gmail and Yahoo! Mail, and AOL.

Typically, each type of email has an option to create an email group. User can create more than one group in Gmail or others email. There are few simple steps to create a group email in Gmail. It is time consuming process to adding multiple recipients, when you want to send a group email.

If you need to sends an email to multiple recipients for the purpose of discussion on a topic or for asking and answering questions then you can use group email.

The process of creating and sending message into multiple accounts is very convenient because you don’t need to manually add the recipients email addresses every time.

Now, we are going to show you How to make an email group in Gmail.

A. Create an Email Group in Gmail

Now, we will show you “How to create an email group in Gmail” step by step with screenshot.

1. Login into Gmail account

Open your internet browser and login into your Gmail Account using your username and password. After successful login you will get your Gmail dashboard.

2. Go to Google Contacts

Go to the upper top right corner and click on the Google apps (Nine dotted icon arranged in a square). A new window will open and click on the Contacts.

Go to Google Contacts to make a Email Group in Gmail

3. Create a Label

At the left side bar, expand the “Labels” menu and click on the Create label. Enter your Group name in here and click on “Save” button.

Enter a name for Group or Label in Gmail

B. Add Contacts to an Email Group

1. Go to Google Contacts

For adding contacts to a Group, go to the Contacts.

2. Click on Check Box

Now, select the contacts and click on the Check boxes which you want to add to a group label.

3. More Actions (Three dotted icon)

At the right side click on “More actions (three dotted icon)” and select your created group name. The contacts will go to your newly created Group.

According to this way, you can create one or more email group which may use for sending email to the multiple recipients.

Select your created group name

C. Use an Email Group in Gmail

Here are very simple steps to compose an email using group Email:

1. Go to the home page of your Gmail account.

2. At the left side top corner of the homepage, click on the Compose button which shown as below:

3. After clicking on the Compose button, a new dialog box will open. In front of the ‘To’ section, start to typing your created group name “Test Group”.

4. When start to typing “Test Group”, Gmail will suggest the related name in search box, which shown in figure.

How to use a group email in Gmail

5. Now, enter the “subject name” of email and compose the message.

6. Finally, click on the send button. The mail will be sent all the group members.

How to Remove Contacts from an Email Group?

1. Go to Google Contacts

For removing contacts to a Group, go to the Contacts.

2. Select Group label

From the left sidebar, select the group label which you want to edit and remove the contacts.

3. Click on Remove

Now, select the contact and check on the box which you wish to remove from the group label.

4. Remove from label

At right side click on “More actions (three dotted icons)” à Select “Remove from label”.

How to remove contacts from an Email Group

How to Delete a Group Email?

1. Go to Google Contacts

For deleting an Email Group, go to the Google Contacts.

2. Select Group label

From the left sidebar, select the group label which you want to delete from contacts list.

3. Click on Delete

In the right side click on “More actions (three dotted icons)” à In the resulting pop-up window and then click on Delete.

Benefits of Creating a Group Email

There are several benefits of using Email Group in Gmail, which are as follows:

  • It is easy to use and communicate with multiple
  • It saves time because no need enter multiple emails in manually.
  • Very effective for companies to promote their brand product.
  • Excellent way to share knowledge and information with friends and colleagues.
  • Conduct questions and answering session.
  • It is more useful for email marketing campaigns.
  • It helps all group members working together of a project.

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An email group or contact group is a collection of more than one email address. When a sender wants to sends an email to an email group, all email address in that group will receive the same email. Email is very effective way to send all kinds of electronic data such as word documents, power point file, photos and data sheets to several contacts or group email simultaneously and quickly. Hope the article “How to make an email Group in Gmail“ will be helpful for you!

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