Best Doorbell Camera Without Subscription Fee: Buying Tips

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Welcome, as you are in the right place to buy the best doorbell camera without subscription. Your home security is essential, especially if you leave your baby alone at home, and a doorbell camera can help keep your home secured. These doorbells can help keep track of anyone coming near your home and are equally helpful for private offices.

But, one of the significant issues with these cameras is that you will need a paid subscription. However, luckily, our experts have been able to find some good models that don’t require any subscriptions.

So, keep reading to learn about the best doorbell cameras without a subscription.

What Is A Doorbell Camera Without Subscription?

A best doorbell camera without subscription is a smart camera that has special security features to ensure home security. Doorbell cameras can have many different features depending on the model. But, the basic work is to use the doorbell as a camera to see who is at the door, communicate with them through the built-in audio system, and more.

However, some exclusive features like video storage, sophisticated motion detection parameters, or cloud storage for stored video mostly require subscription models. 

But, if these features are not important to you, then you can quickly go for doorbell cameras without a subscription. So, the only investment you will need to make is the camera itself, and no other investments after that. Simply put, you need a security camera to ensure your home or office safety.

However, some doorbell cameras can still allow online video storage for a limited amount of storage.

Top 7 Best Doorbell Camera Without Subscription

After researching and using over 100s doorbell cameras without subscriptions, we came across these 7 best doorbell camera without subscription fee. We believe these cameras are the best among others. So, keep on reading our review to learn more.

1. Wyze Wireless Video Doorbell Camera Pro

The first doorbell camera on our list is the Wyze Wireless camera. It comes with 1440p HD video, head-to-toe viewing angle, and many more.

With a number of enticing features, the Wyze Wireless Video Doorbell Pro offers itself as a fascinating alternative. With its exceptional 1440p HD video resolution, you can expect vivid, detailed footage that gives you a clear view of anyone approaching your door.

An interesting innovation is the 1:1 aspect ratio, which gives a complete head-to-toe vision and a more complete image of the person at the door.

Best doorbell camera without subscription

This is the best doorbell camera without subscription, which is quite easy to attach this camera to your home, and you won’t need any screws. Moreover, the wireless design makes it more convenient as you do not need any wires for the connection.

Its convenience is increased by the addition of a chime, which guarantees that guests will hear notifications. In addition, the app’s two-way audio capability facilitates smooth conversation, improving engagement with visitors or delivery staff.

Moreover, this camera also comes with motion detection capabilities, which is impressive for a subscription-free doorbell camera.

Key Features

  • 1440 x 1440 Pixels video resolution.
  • Has a 1:1 aspect ratio.
  • Option to upgrade to Cam Plus to receive real-time alerts.
  • The battery lasts up to 6 months.


  • Comes at a cheap price.
  • You will get smart alerts for free.
  • Can work as a Wi-Fi extender.
  • Option to see recorded video for free.


  • The design is somewhat dull.

Final Verdict

If you don’t care much about design and are looking for a budget doorbell camera, then the Wyze wireless pro camera is for you. Moreover, you will also get motion detection for absolutely free as a pre-built feature.

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2. Ring Video Doorbell Camera Without Subscription

Ring Video Doorbell camera is the another best doorbell camera without subscription. The Ring Video Doorbell combines practical functionality with user-friendliness and has solidified its standing as a pioneer in the home security industry. With a resolution of 1080 pixels, it provides incredibly clear images.

Ring Doorbells are an excellent tool for monitoring deliveries and guests. In addition, it can be continuously powered by the integrated rechargeable battery or by connecting to the doorbell wires already in place. So, no matter what power source you have, Ring will always be compatible with it.

The camera records crisp footage with its 1080p HD video quality, making it possible for you to recognize guests or any unexpected activity at your home. One notable improvement is the motion detection system, which produces warnings with more accuracy and fewer false alarms.

Ring Video Doorbell Camera Without Subscription

One of the best features is real-time notifications, so you will always get to see who is behind the door on your smartphone as soon as someone rings the bell. The setup process is also quite easy, and anyone can do it without any expertise or knowledge.

Moreover, Ring Doorbell looks modern, which adds a touch of elegance to your home, and the Venetian Bronze design adds up to this.

Key Features

  • 1080 Pixels crystal clear video resolution.
  • Easily accessible through the free Ring App.
  • Compatible with Alexa.
  • Get smartphone notifications whenever someone rings your doorbell or sets off the integrated motion sensors.


  • Easy to set up.
  • Looks aesthetically pleasing.
  • The improved motion detection ensures easy detection.
  • Provides crisp night vision.


  • You will need paid plans to look into older recorded videos.

Final Verdict

If you are searching for one of the best doorbell cameras in the market that is an allrounder, the Ring Doorbell camera could be for you. This camera comes with almost all features like night vision, night vision and more.

Moreover, if at any time you feel like you need to keep your videos saved, you can opt for the paid plans using the same camera.

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3. Eufy Security Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera

Eufy is the third-best video doorbell camera without subscription in our list. Among the many home security systems produced by Eufy, this doorbell best represents the company’s values.

Its remarkable 2K resolution, which guarantees incredibly clear video quality, is its best feature, which is a huge plus over traditional 1080p cameras.

You can see three seconds of footage from the Eufy doorbell camera before the first warning sounds. As a result, you will be able to understand what happened better and have a higher chance of identifying the offender.

This is the best wireless doorbell camera without subscription and has the option to save footage locally, which is a huge benefit. It gives customers complete control over their recorded video without depending on online services.

Best wireless doorbell camera without subscription

In addition, Eufy’s doorbell has AI person identification to distinguish between the postman and the cat next door, as well as a 2K image with infrared night vision. A wider 4:3 aspect ratio to prevent your view from being locked into widescreen mode.

The AES 256-bit data encryption guarantees the privacy of your video during transmission and storage. So you can stay assured that your saved video is safe and no one accesses it but you.

Key Features

  • Impressive 2560 x 1920 resolution.
  • Doesn’t have any hidden costs and is a one-time investment.
  • Has an adjustable volume level and eight entertaining ringtones with seasonal themes.
  • The 2-way audio system allows you to listen and talk at the same time.


  • Allows you to keep your recorded video saved without any extra money.
  • The 2k resolution is higher than cameras of the same ranges.
  • You can pick the regions where the camera will detect motion with the Activity Zone.
  • Compatible with Alexa.


  • Installation requires hardwiring, which can be complicated for users without experts.

Final Verdict

The eufy Security Wi-Fi Video Doorbell is an impressive device for those looking for superior video quality without constant expenses since it offers high-resolution video, local storage, and no membership fees. This camera is the best option for you if you want a doorbell camera and still want to keep your recorded videos saved.

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4. Lorex 2K WiFi Video Doorbell Camera 

Another best doorbell camera without subscription is Lorex 2K Doorbell camera. This is a part of the Lorex home fusion system that can also be synced with their other smart home system.

Using a 4:3 aspect ratio, 2K resolution, and HDR, you can capture even the smallest details. With the improved Colour Night Vision on the video doorbell, you can see clearly day or night.

Furthermore, the free 32GB MicroSD card provides value and enables customers to keep and retrieve recordings without the need to spend money or sign up for a membership.

Lorex 2K WiFi Video Doorbell - Home Surveillance

With the integrated Person Detection function, which provides free alerts especially driven by human movement, you can be updated about doorstep activity.

It also ensures a steady power source for customers with suitable wiring, so there’s no need to worry about running out of battery life or recharging it frequently.

Key Features

  • HDR 2K video resolution.
  • Has a 4:3 aspect ratio with a 164-degree viewing angle.
  • Includes person detection feature.
  • Has 32GB prebuilt MicroSD to store recorded videos.


  • Offers colored night vision.
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Home assistant.
  • Relies on existing 16-24VAC doorbell wiring which ensures a continuous power without any need for recharging.
  • The clean and white design makes it easy to blend in most interiors.


  • The 32Gb storage might be too small for saving more clips.

Final Verdict

Thanks to its excellent 2K quality, free pre-installed local storage, and stylish design, the Lorex 2K WiFi Video Doorbell stands out from the crowd. Despite its wired setup, it takes only around 15-20 minutes for the complete setup, and the dual-band WiFi compatibility makes it even more advantageous.

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5. Eufy Dual Doorbell Camera With No Subscription

Eufy Double camera is the another best video doorbell camera without subscription in our list. It has two lenses, compared to the single lens seen in most smart doorbells. It is a robust, feature-rich gadget that runs on battery power and pairs with the HomeBase, which has a 2K resolution.

The Eufy Dual is the only doorbell camera on our list that comes with dual lenses so you will have a wider view than regular cameras. The 2K resolution is also quite high, with an exceptionally high dynamic range.

In addition, the integration of family recognition technology improves efficiency by identifying known faces, decreasing pointless warnings, and augmenting customized security.

Eufy Dual Doorbell Camera With No Subscription

This battery-operated doorbell is simple to install and can be placed anywhere you like without the need for wiring. This feature is especially useful for people who live in apartments or rentals. Additionally, the battery lasts for an impressive 180 days.

Dual motion detection is used by the eufy Security Video Doorbell with Dual Camera, combining package detection with regular motion alerts. By differentiating between general movement and particular occurrences, such as package delivery, this configuration reduces false alarms and gives users more precise and pertinent information.

Key Features

  • Comes with dual cam technology.
  • Has PIR and radar motion sensors.
  • Dual motion detection reduces false alarms.
  • Instant notifications when delivery arrives.


  • Comes with 16GB of local storage so users may keep videos without using cloud services.
  • The dual cam makes sure you have the perfect view of the area.
  • Reduces chances of false alarms by 95%.
  • Compatible with HomeBase 3.


  • Cannot work with 5 GHz WiFi.

Final Verdict

If the area around your home is spacious and you feel trouble with wired doorbell cameras then the eufy double could be the perfect choice for you.

It comes with dual lens, internal 16 GB storage and many more. Moreover, its high resolution 2K video and family member detection makes it a more impressive choice.

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6. Amcrest 1080P AD110 Doorbell Camera Pro

The Amrest AD110 is a great and best doorbell camera without a monthly subscription. It works using a wired connection and can also use the existing wired system of your current doorbell.

With its extensive feature set, the Amcrest 1080P Video Doorbell Camera Pro is intended to improve ease and safety at home. This camera’s 1080p resolution lets it capture crisp, detailed video, giving you the best possible view of your neighbors and guests outside your door.

In addition, the integrated speaker and microphone provide two-way communication and make it simpler to converse with guests without getting up to answer the door.

Amcrest Outdoor Smart Home Camera

This is one of the best doorbell outdoor camera with no subscription. The use of PIR (Passive Infrared) motion detection technology improves the performance of the gadget by precisely identifying motion and lowering the number of false alarms caused by movements that are not human.

It is also appropriate for outdoor usage because of the IP55 waterproof rating, which guarantees endurance against a range of weather conditions.

Additionally, the 140º wide-angle lens allows for a wider coverage area by expanding the field of view, which is advantageous for monitoring a bigger area surrounding the entry.

Key Features

  • 1920 x 1080 Pixels FHD resolution.
  • Comes with two interchangeable faceplates.
  • The night vision works up to 16 feet away.
  • Offers full 1-year US warranty.


  • The IP55 rating makes it suitable for any weather conditions.
  • The MicroSD card slot offers local storage options.
  • Ensuring control over recorded data without reliance on cloud services.
  • You can change the faceplates between black and white.
  • No need to worry about recharging the camera.


  • If you don’t have any existing doorbells, then you will need to buy an additional power source.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a doorbell camera that has good video resolution, offers PIR technology, and an additional MicroSD slot, then the Amcrest AD110 is for you.

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7. Remo+ RemoBell S WiFi Video Doorbell Camera

With its user-friendly design and essential functions, the Remo+ RemoBell S WiFi Video Doorbell Camera gives homeowners a dependable way to keep an eye on their entryway.

Its HD 1536 x 1536-pixel video capacity ensures that guests and any activities surrounding the entry are clearly seen. The footage is clean and detailed.

RemoBell is the best video doorbell camera without subscription, which provides a 180-degree vision in both directions so you can see the whole area in front of the doorbell. Therefore, the Remo+ app’s live stream view is typically clear and sharp.

Remo+ RemoBell S WiFi Video Doorbell Camera with HD Video

You won’t experience a significant lag time when watching a video or utilizing two-way audio, even if your Wi-Fi signal is weak. Moreover, its Alexa connectivity, which enables customers to easily incorporate it into their smart home environment, is one noteworthy feature.

The best feature of Remo+ is the free cloud storage; it is quite hard to find a doorbell camera that offers free cloud storage, but it does that. All motion activity will be captured and kept for up to three days in FREE cloud storage. However, if you want them to stay longer, you can also opt for paid plans.

Key Features

  • 1536 x 1536 Pixels resolution.
  • Offers free cloud storage options.
  • Uses 16 –24 VAC wiring as a power source.
  • Has a 180-degree viewing angle.


  • Offers free cloud storage for up to 3 days.
  • Comes with a decent night vision.
  • The design looks stylish.
  • Comes at a cheap price.


  • The night vision seems blurry.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for the doorbell camera without subscription with excellent 1536 x 1536-pixel resolution, RemoBell S WiFi Video Doorbell Camera is for you.

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Best Video Doorbell Camera Without Subscription: Buying Guide

What’s the perfect doorbell camera for you, might not be the perfect choice for you. So, to make the perfect choice our buying guide will help you to find the best doorbell camera without subscription and clear all your confusions.

Weather Resistance

The first and most important thing to look at is the weather resistance and as you will install these cameras outside, it must be weatherproof. So, Search for an Ingress Protection (IP) rating, which is often shown by a “IP65,” “IP66,” or higher display.

This grade shows how resistant the camera is to water, moisture, and dust. particularly if it is going to be exposed to severe weather conditions like rain or snow.

Video Quality

What’s the point of buying a camera that records video is low resolution and you can’t even properly see the recorded video. So, video resolution is very important factor of the best doorbell camera without subscription.

The majority of wireless doorbell cameras can broadcast videos in resolutions up to 2K, 4K, or higher. For optimal video streaming, if you have the budget, you should choose at least 1080p resolution and ensure that your internet connection is swift and stable.

App Integration

Having your doorbell camera compatible with a range of third-party application software increases its utility. Numerous doorbell cameras are compatible with a variety of smart home ecosystems, including Google Home, Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and others.

With the help of this, you can monitor doorbell activity on smart screens and set off events, like turning on outside lights, when someone approaches.

So get a camera that is compatible with these Home systems and works by app. Moreover, if you already have an existing smart home system, make sure the camera is compatible with  that.

Motion detection

Features like motion detection can increase the price of the camera by quite a mile. Motion detection can differentiate between a human or an object in front of your camera.

Motion detection can be very useful in spotting suspicious activities or possible threats. Even though this feature is mostly available in doorbell cameras with subscription but high grade cameras can have this even without subscription.

So, if you feel like you need this feature, get a camera that supports this but if you just need a camera to keep a track of who is ringing the bell then motion detection isn’t that important.

Storage option

Storing recorded videos on cloud servers requires paid subscription plans but cameras without subscription often offer alternative recording options like storing the videos on a micro SD card.

Some cameras even provide free cloud storage options up to a certain storage limit. So, depending on your storage usage make sure to choose the camera that has enough space to store your videos.

2 Way Audio system

Having good audio system is very important issue of a doorbell camera without subscription. So, to hear chirps and talk, a decent doorbell camera should feature a built-in microphone.

Moreover, you should also look for a 2-way audio system which means you can not only hear what’s being spoken but can also interact through the camera using your smartphone.

Power Source

Convenience versus dependability is the key factor when selecting between a doorbell camera that is wired or runs on batteries. Although battery-powered cameras are simple to set up and have flexible positioning options, they may not be able to be used continuously and require frequent maintenance.

On the contrary, wired cameras require more complicated installation and permanent location because of the wiring requirements, but they offer a reliable power source for continuous operation without worrying about running out of batteries.

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If you are still having some questions about best doorbell camera without subscription, read our FAQs below to clear all these confusions.

Does subscription free doorbell cameras offer live view and 2 way audio?

Generally speaking, no, a subscription is not required for basic features like live view and two-way doorbell camera communication. These functions are frequently included in the primary capabilities of the camera, enabling you to view and communicate with guests in real-time via the accompanying mobile app without the need for a membership.

Can doorbell cameras work without the internet?

The majority of doorbell cameras’ features, such as live streaming, alerts, and remote access via mobile applications, depend on an internet connection.

However, some doorbell cameras may function without Wi-Fi. These doorbell camera kinds usually send the video stream to a receiver or a smartphone over a cellular network or a specific radio frequency.

What happens to the camera when there is a sudden break of the internet connection?

The majority of doorbell cameras without subscriptions will continue to operate locally in the case of an internet interruption. However, until the connection reconnects, some smart features and remote access might not be accessible.

Local functions often continue uninterrupted, such as recording to onboard storage (if available) or storing video on an SD card.


When choosing the best doorbell camera for your safety, make sure that you have researched properly about the camera, and it suits your needs.

Moreover, do not just trust on reviews shown on the internet and seek for pre-existing user experiences. Having a warranty is an added advantage as it will give you a peace of mind.

Finally, we hope the article will be helpful to find out the best doorbell camera without subscription for your home safety.

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