Best Epson Ecotank Printer for Sublimation: Buying Tips

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Your presence on this page shows that you’re interested in knowing and buying the best Epson Ecotank printer for sublimation. When it comes to sublimation printers, Epson Ecotank surely comes at the top. But, finding the perfect printer can be confusing due to the huge number of options available from Epson.

These printers can vary in terms of pricing as well as features so not every product can be suitable for you. Hence to find the perfect product for your needs, keep on reading our guide.

Why Is Epson Ecotank Printer Best For Sublimation?

There are many brands in the market who make printers for sublimation but why is Epson so renowned? Keep on reading to know why this printer is preferred by so many users.

Comes with large ink tanks

Because EcoTank printers require fewer ink refills, their enormous ink tanks are a big benefit for sublimation printing. For large quantities of sublimation printing, this is especially helpful as it guarantees a more effective and uninterrupted printing process.

Furthermore, the large ink volume helps with color constancy, which is important for sublimation printing since precise and vivid colors are necessary to produce high-quality prints on a variety of surfaces.

Simple to Use

Setting up EcoTank printers is simple and they are easy to operate. This simplifies the process and makes it possible for those who are new to sublimation printing to get started right away.

The method is hassle-free because of the user-friendly design, allowing users to concentrate on being creative rather than worrying about difficult setup procedures.

Multiple Uses

Because of its versatility, the Epson Ecotank printer is the best for sublimation. EcoTank printers can print on a variety of media, incorporating sublimation transfer sheets. Their versatility in handling diverse materials and uses renders them a commendable option for a range of printing assignments.

Additionally, EcoTank printers provide the adaptability required for a variety of printing tasks, regardless of whether you’re printing on standard paper or specialist sublimation transfer sheets.

Cost-effective in the long run

Despite requiring a larger initial expense, EcoTank printers prove to be financially advantageous over time. This is because they are more advantageous for consumers engaged in high-volume printing, such as sublimation projects, due to their reduced cost per page.

Even though these printers might cost more upfront, they are ultimately more affordable, especially for those with high-volume printing requirements.

Output is good

Epson is well known for making printers that print at a high quality. EcoTank printers are excellent at printing vivid, detailed pictures on sublimation transfer sheets when used with sublimation ink.

In order to achieve visually appealing and professional results, sublimation printing must follow certain requirements, and this combination guarantees that the prints keep a high degree of transparency and color vibrancy.

7 Best Epson Ecotank Printer For Sublimation

Sublimation printers must be capable of producing high-quality image prints so from our research, we have found these 7 best Epson Ecotank printer for sublimation.

1.Epson EcoTank ET-15000 Supertank Printer

The ET-15000 is an all-in-one super tank inkjet printer from Epson. It is compatible with Epson’s iPrint mobile software, supports Mopria Print Service and Apple AirPrint, and offers Wi-Fi, USB, and Ethernet connections. It comes at a dimension of 3.94 x 3.15 x 0.5 inches.

With large, simple-to-fill ink tanks, the EcoTank ET-15000 wireless all-in-one provides Cartridge-Free Printing. Affordable refill bottles can save you up to 90% on ink costs; they can cost as little as 1 cent each color ISO page as opposed to 20 cents for ink cartridges.

One of the best features of this Epson Ecotank printer for sublimation printing is its capability to print all types of pages. This extremely powerful AIO can print on tabloid (11 by 17 inches) and super-tabloid (13 by 19 inches) paper in addition to letter and legal-size paper.

In addition, Epson includes a DVD with drivers and additional software, but it also offers guidelines for installing the software from its website, making maintenance and usage simpler.

PrecisionCore is included in this printer. With astounding accuracy, this high-density print chip can produce up to 40 million exact dots per second.

Moreover, this printer can also work by voice commands so you can work hands-free, and the additional features of scanning, and copying adds a cherry on the top.

Best Epson Ecotank printer for sublimation

Key Features

  • Rear feed allows for up to 13″ x 19″ printing.
  • There is sufficient ink in each set to print up to 7,500 black pages or 6,000 color pages.
  • Has 250 sheet paper capacity
  • Borderless printing up to 11″ x 17″ is available.


  • Provides a cost-effective printing solution.
  • One ink bottle is equivalent to 80 cartridges.
  • High-yield ink bottles that result in zero cartridge waste.
  • Has auto 2-sided printing.


  • Scanning restricted to lower or legal sizes.

Final Verdict

The Epson EcoTank ET-15000 all-in-one printer is ideal for organizations that require print on super-tabloid-size paper and produce sufficient pages overall to offset its expensive purchase price.

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2. Epson EcoTank ET-2800 Cartridge-Free Printer

Epson’s EcoTank ET-2800 is another best Epson Ecotank printer for sublimation. With reusable ink tanks that last a long time and help you save money, Epson’s EcoTank ET-2800 is an all-in-one printer.  This printer, weighing 12.28 pounds and measuring 14.8 x 22.8 x 10 inches, can print up to 13″ x 19″ sheets.

The Epson EcoTank ET-2800 is notable for its small size, weighing 8.8 pounds and only measuring 14.75 inches wide. The printer has an attractive appearance with ink canisters that extend past the front panel, given its compact size.

Additionally, the control panel is placed for quick access to printing and settings. It has a 1.44-inch color display and big buttons. For extra simplicity in use, the printer—which comes in matte white or black—offers a dependable, feature-rich mobile app.

This is the best Epson printer for sublimation, which provides excellent print quality at a reasonable cost. On a range of paper types, its exclusive Micro Piezo Heat-Free Technology guarantees crisp text and brilliant color photographs and graphics. This technology helps the printer function admirably, which makes it an affordable option for creating prints of excellent quality.

Furthermore, when utilizing new ink bottles instead of conventional ink cartridges, the Epson EcoTank ET-2800 shows to be cost-effective, offering substantial savings of up to 90%.

With the ability to print up to 4,500 pages in black and 7,500 pages in color, this affordable method makes it a good option for consumers with heavy printing requirements.

Best Ecotank printer for sublimation

Key Features

  • A replacement ink bottle can print 7,500 color pages or 4,500 black pages.
  • Comes with enough ink for two years.
  • Has a color display for straightforward navigation and text copying.
  • Offers two years limited warranty.


  • High-quality scans at 1200 dpi
  • Creates incredibly fine details in images.
  • Compact and portable design.
  • Has the maximum print speed of 5 ppm.


  • The printing quality could be better.

Final Verdict

If you are on budget and looking for a best Ecotank printer for sublimation printing, then the Epson Et-2800 is for you. The refillable ink reservoirs allow Epson’s EcoTank ET-2800 all-in-one printer to last longer and cost less money. It prints gorgeous, colorful images with acceptable color fidelity for daily usage.

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3. Epson EcoTank ET-2850 Wireless Printer

With its affordable price tag and limited feature set, the Epson EcoTank ET-2850 is an affordable ink tank printer with extremely reduced ink costs. It comes at a dimension of 14.8 x 22.3 x 10.2 inches offering printing of a maximum of 8.5 x 14-inch media.

You can fill the respective ink tanks using the four ink bottles that come with the EcoTank ET-2800 in the colors black, cyan, yellow, and magenta. The yields of the color inks are about 6,000 pages, whilst the black ink yields a considerable 7,500 pages.

With its wide color gamut and realistic photo reproduction, this printer is especially well-suited for printing photos, albeit its color accuracy might use some improvement. Its effective supertank mechanism makes it a great option for home or small office spaces as well.

Additionally, hundreds of pages may be printed each week with this technology without the need to buy new, reasonably priced ink bottles for refills.

The single 100-sheet paper tray of the ET-2850 is located at the rear of the device. Up to 20 sheets of picture paper can fit inside. So, you can go a long way without needing to refill pages.

Best Epson printer for sublimation printing

Key Features

  • Easy document scanning and browsing through a color display and a high-resolution flatbed scanner.
  • Comes with a 2-year limited warranty.
  • Includes high-capacity ink tanks.
  • It has a resolution of up to 1,200 dpi while scanning.


  • Can print two-sided documents very quickly.
  • You can view the ink levels at a glance.
  • Big ink reservoirs can last for a long time.
  • Has a dedicated copy button.


  • The photo resolution could be better.

Final Verdict

Another reasonably budget printer from Epson is the Epson EcoTank ET-2850. It works wirelessly and produces some high-quality sublimation printing. This is a fantastic all-in-one that eliminates the inconvenience of replacing ink for home usage.

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4. Epson EcoTank ET-3830 All-in-One Supertank Printer

Epson EcoTank ET-3850 is the best Epson Ecotank printer for sublimation, which is a unique all-in-one super tank inkjet printer.

It enables Mopria Print Service and Apple AirPrint and has flexible networking choices involving Ethernet, USB, and Wi-Fi. Measuring 14.8 x 19.8 x 7.4 inches, it has a printing speed of 8 ppm for color and 15 ppm for black.

With enough ink to produce 6000 color and 7500 black print pages, the voice-activated Epson ET 3850 printer is ready for mobile use. It can produce crisp and colorful documents because of its four-color ink set and 4800 x 1200 dpi resolution, which also contribute to its outstanding print quality. 

This multifunctional gadget has an automated document feeder (ADF) and refillable ink tanks in place of cartridges. It works really well for printing papers in black and white as well.

Because of its super tank technology, this is the best Epson Ecotank sublimation printer. You may print in large quantities without worrying about maintenance expenses, and it generates pages with crisp formatting.

The Epson EcoTank ET-3850 has a 250-sheet input tray that can hold documents up to 8.5 x 14″ and can accommodate multimedia up to 8.5 x 47.2″ in the long-document mode.

Moreover, it comes with an 8.5 x 11.7″ flatbed scanner for scanning and copying, with the ability to scan up to 8.5 x 11.7″ and copy up to 8.5 x 11″. Fortunately, the 2.4″ color touchscreen makes it simple to verify and modify settings.

ET-3830 All-in-One Supertank Printer

Key Features

  • Prints at a 4800 x 1200 resolution.
  • Time and money can be saved by using auto 2-sided printing.
  • Comes with an easy-to-view 2.4-inch color screen.
  • Includes 2 years of ink refills.


  • Comes with an automatic document feeder.
  • The app is quite handy in operating this printer.
  • Printing speed is quite impressive.
  • Has lots of ink in the box.


  • Doesn’t support dual scan.

Final Verdict

The Epson ET-3830 three-in-one printer is ideally suited for the home office. Considering its large ink capacity, it is comparatively small, and it comes equipped with all the features that a corporate printer needs. Furthermore, the app has a lot of features and offers complete control over the printer.

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5. Epson EcoTank ET-8500 Wireless Supertank Printer

The next printer on our list is the Epson ET-8500 coming at a dimension of 15.9 x 14.5 x 6.4 inches and maximum media printing of 13 x 19 inches. This is the best Epson Ecotank printer for sublimation printing, which ensures you have cartridge-free lab-quality photos in no time.

With its automated output tray retracted, the EcoTank ET-8500 is a remarkably small printer, measuring just 14.5 inches deep, 15.9 inches wide, and 13.7 inches tall. A 4.3′′ color LCD touchscreen control panel on the front of the Epson ET-8500 printer makes it convenient to switch between settings. Additionally, this panel tilts upward for better viewing.

Epson’s Claria ET Premium uses a six-color ink system that includes gray and “photo black” in addition to the standard cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. This allows for greater dynamic range without sacrificing color accuracy.

Every Claria ET Premium ink, save from the pigment-based black, is dye-based. Prints produced with this mix of inks have precise color reproduction in addition to being sharp and colorful.

Epson’s EcoTank printer also provides amazing value, allowing you to save a lot of money on creative projects and images. Take advantage of our in-house picture printing service, which prints 4″ x 6″ images for only 4 cents apiece. Furthermore, enough ink is included in this affordable option to generate up to 6,200 color pages.

Epson EcoTank ET-8500 Wireless Printer

Key Features

  • Can print borderless pictures up to 8.5″ x 11″.
  • The ink bottles are enough to print up to 6,200 pages in color.
  • Comes with a 4.3-inch color screen for easy control.
  • Uniquely keyed EcoFit ink bottle design makes it simple to fill each color.


  • The photo quality is excellent.
  • Comes with three paper trays that support broad media.
  • Very minimal operating expenses.
  • Compact design with an automated output tray.


  • Comes at an expensive price.

Final Verdict

With its superb photo quality and economical document printing, the Epson EcoTank Photo ET-8500 is a remarkable and best sublimation printer. It impresses with its capacity to generate images with improved color fidelity, low print mistakes, and maintained details. 

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6. Epson EcoTank ET-2400 Wireless Printer

The last and best Epson Ecotank printer for sublimation printing on our list is the Epson EcoTank ET-2400. It comes at a dimension of 22.8 x 14.8 x 10 inches with maximum print speed of 10 ppm. There is also an 8.5″ x 11″ flatbed scanner on it.

The ET-2400 is a multifunction printer that can produce color and black-and-white copies in addition to high-resolution scans using its flatbed scanner.  Additionally, images are colorful and vivid, printed papers appear crisp, and the scanner generates scans that are of a high caliber.

Make amazing savings of up to 90% by switching from conventional ink cartridges to replacement ink bottles. Up to 4,500 pages in black or 7,500 pages in color may be printed thanks to this significant cost decrease.

Comparatively speaking, this is the same as the output of about 90 separate ink cartridges. Replace your ink bottles to adopt a more affordable printing option that is suitable for large-scale printing requirements.


Key Features

  • Compatible with Alexa for all types of printing operations.
  • Comes with enough ink to print 4500 pages in black and 7500 pages in color.
  • Includes a 2-year free warranty with registration.
  • Can be controlled using the Epson smartphone app.


  • Has a wide color range.
  • Works via Wired and wireless connectivity.
  • Creates documents of the highest standard.
  • The setup procedure is very easy.


  • Only allows borderless printing on 4″ x 6″ paper sizes.

Final Verdict

An adaptable, trustworthy, and reasonably priced printer is the Epson EcoTank ET-2400 Color Printer. It is compatible with Epson’s Smart Panel mobile companion software, features USB and Wi-Fi connection, and can be a good option if you are on a tight budget.

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7. Epson EcoTank ET-3760 Printer

EcoTank ET-3760 is another best Epson Ecotank printer for sublimation. It is a budget printer option that comes at a dimension of 13.7 x 14.8 x 9.1 inches and can print high-capacity photos at an affordable price.

When it comes to printing, the EcoTank is a typical printer. For industry-standard black and white prints, it typically prints 15 pages per minute, and for normal color prints, it typically prints 8 pages per minute.

Moreover, utilizing this AIO over USB, Ethernet, wireless, or WiFi Direct should not provide any difficulties. This printer also produces prints with outstanding quality.

Additionally, with Epson’s unique PrecisionCore Heat Free Technology and Claria ET pigment black ink, it generates remarkably crisp text along with striking color images and illustrations on nearly all kinds of paper.

Filling up an EcoTank is far less expensive since they use liquid ink tanks instead of conventional cartridges. For around $40, you can get three EcoTank color bottles, which is equivalent to about 80 separate standard cartridges.

ET-3760 Sublimation Printer

Key Features

  • Epson’s unique EcoFit ink bottles simplify and eliminate filling stress.
  • 150-sheet paper tray makes printing easier and smoother.
  • Maximum print resolution of 4800 x 1200 optimized dpi
  • Can be operated wirelessly through the mobile app


  • Includes two years warranty with registration.
  • Pages are processed swiftly using an automatic document feeder.
  • Printhead output quality of Precision Core.
  • Can be connected with a mobile for easy operation.


  • Does not support devices with flash memory.

Final Verdict

For sublimation printing at home, the Epson EcoTank ET-3760 is a great printer. For casual shots, it works okay, although the color accuracy could be better. Still, for printing in black and white, it is excellent. Before having to be refilled, the black ink tank produces a large number of pages.

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Best Epson Ecotank Printers For Sublimation: Buying Guide

Epson make over 100’s of models for printers, so to help you find the perfect and best sublimation printer model for you, keep on reading our buying guide below,

Ink Compatibility

Selecting an Epson EcoTank printer for sublimation printing requires consideration of compatibility with sublimation ink. Not every EcoTank model is built or set up to function perfectly with sublimation ink.

To get the best results, use a model that is specifically suitable for sublimation printing because it includes certain ink qualities and needs. Check carefully the product specs and paperwork before buying the Epson EcoTank model of your choice is compatible with sublimation ink

Color accuracy

Precision in color representation is necessary for sublimation printing. Seek for a printer that can create a wide color spectrum and has high color accuracy. Vibrant and accurate color production is essential for a decent sublimation printer to ensure that the finished prints precisely reflect the desired design.

So, think about the printer’s capacity to create a wide color spectrum in addition to color accuracy. A wider color gamut enables the printer to replicate a greater variety of colors, producing prints with greater vibrancy and detail.

Printing cost

Another important consideration while selecting the best Epson printer for sublimation is the total printing cost. Because EcoTank printers have refillable ink tanks, they are typically thought to be more affordable; nevertheless, it is important to understand the additional costs related to sublimation ink.

Compared to regular inks, sublimation ink might be more expensive, and it’s usually made for specific printing techniques. Compute the total cost per page, accounting for the price of sublimation ink bottles or cartridges.

Take into account the ink yield as well as how many pages you should be able to print before the sublimation ink has to be changed.

Different types of media handling

When choosing an Epson EcoTank printer for sublimation printing, media management is an important consideration. The printer’s capacity to handle different media sizes and kinds should be taken into account, particularly if you have particular needs for sublimation transfer paper.

Make sure the EcoTank model you select can hold the transfer paper sizes you want to use for sublimation printing. You can achieve a more effortless and successful sublimation printing experience by making sure the Epson EcoTank printer fulfills your unique media handling requirements.

Hence, regardless of whether you’re working with conventional sizes or need the flexibility to employ multiple types of media.


When selecting an Epson EcoTank printer for sublimation printing, take your budget into account. Even while EcoTank printers are renowned for being affordable, it’s crucial to consider the cost of the original purchase, recurring costs like replacing sublimation ink, and any extra equipment needed for sublimation printing.

Making an informed choice requires striking a balance between price and satisfying your sublimation printing demands.

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After reading our reviews on the “best Ecotank printer for sublimation” so far, if you still have questions our FAQs below will help you.

How does the print resolution impact the quality of sublimation prints?

A key factor in deciding the quality of sublimation prints is print resolution. Dots per inch (DPI) is a unit of measurement for print resolution.  A print with a higher DPI will be crisper and more detailed. A higher resolution enables the printer to more precisely replicate little details and complex patterns.

Can I convert a regular inkjet printer into a sublimation printer?

It is possible to turn a standard inkjet printer into a sublimation printer. But not every inkjet model can be converted, and trying to do so without the right knowledge might go wrong. Purchasing specialty sublimation inks made for the conversion is one important step.

Can I use a sublimation printer for other types of printing?

Sublimation printing is a technique that includes depositing dye onto a variety of materials, including textiles, ceramics, and metals. Even while they are excellent at creating vivid and intricate sublimation prints, they might not be appropriate for printing other kinds of documents or photos on ordinary paper.


Not all printers are best and suitable for sublimation, but Epson EcoTank printers are some of the best on the market for this. As they make a lot of different models, make sure to find the one that best matches your preferences and comes at your budget.

Finally, all the listed Epson EcoTank printers are the No.1 best-selling Supertank printer in the marketplace. The printers are the best Epson Ecotank printer for sublimation and are ideal for home and office use.

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