How to get a virus off your phone?

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Once the virus and malware infect your phone then they will get access on your device and deleting your sensitive information. It is true that computers can get viruses and smartphones are also vulnerable to getting a virus as your computer. In this post, we will cover on how to get a virus off your phone and how do I Know If My Phone Has a Virus?

How to get a virus off your phone?

There are different ways that virus and malware can get access your mobile and others devices. Here is the most common way of how to get a virus off your phone and infect your phone.

1. Downloading and Installing Apps

This is the most common approach for a phone to get infected when downloading and installing a malicious app. If you download an app from unknown source, the app may contain virus or malware.

When the malicious app is installed in a phone, the app infects the smartphone operating system, such as Android OS or iOS.

2. Clicking on suspicious hyperlinks

You may see suspicious link when you browse social media or any other website and if you click on that link then your phone will get infected by a virus.

By clicking on that link, you are redirect to a vulnerable website and your sensitive information such as username, password, personal information and credit card details etc. will be hacked by attacker.


A malicious or untrusted website may contain virus and malicious programs. If you visit that type of websites then your phone will infected by a virus. A malicious website is unsafe website which attempts to install virus or malware onto your mobile without your permission.

An untrusted website is attempting to install malware the following ways:

  • The site asks you to download software, executable file, image, and video or run a program.
  • It is automatically launches a download window.
  • When clicking on suspicious hyperlink.
  • The site display pop up advertisements and if you click on that ads.

4. Download E-mail attachments

When you will receive a suspicious E-mail message with an attachment file from unknown source and the attachment may contain virus or malware program. For example, a PDF attachment file may have virus and can infect your phone.

This virus will execute and infect to your smartphone as soon as you download and open the attachment file.

5. Downloading Malicious content from website

In a website, malicious content means different types of documents such as image, video, file or programs that are infected with viruses or malware.

When you are visiting and downloading this malicious content that attempt to infect your smartphone and other devices and hack your personal information and damage your data.

6. Connecting your phone to another device

Your phone also can be virus infected by other devices. For example, if you want to data transfer from computer to your phone then you need to connect your phone with computer. In that case, if the computer is infected with a virus then your phone may infect with virus and malware.

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