How To Permanently Stop Spam Emails?

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If your email address is exposed anyway, you’ll get spam emails, which may contain malicious links to hack your data. Today, in this post, we’ll give you the best tips on how to permanently stop spam emails.

The email spam messages are commercial and malicious attempts to gain access to your computer.

So, keep reading on the topic of stopping spam email.

What are Spam Emails?

Spam email is unsolicited, unwanted, and suspicious messages, which are sent in bulk through emails. Spam emails are unsafe. This type of email may contain malicious links that can redirect to you a vulnerable website and infect your computer with malware.

Spam email is still a problem even today and it wastes a huge amount of time. So, we should permanently stop the spam emails anyway.

There are powerful filtering options in the most popular email such as Gmail and Yahoo, ensuring you will never receive any malicious or phishing email.

How to Permanently Stop Spam Emails?

Email is an outstanding asynchronous communication system, where people can easily send their message to recipients. Companies can advertise their newest products and services to customers.

However, sometimes you may receive unwanted messages from an unknown source or attacker. In that case, you will never click the email links or don’t download the suspicious email attachment.

How to permanently stop spam emails? If you continuously receive unsolicited emails from a specific email address, then you should permanently stop spam emails.

Here are the simple tips to stop spam emails.

  • Report Spam on Gmail.
  • Report Spam on Yahoo.
  • Don’t Respond to Spam Email.
  • Don’t Share Your Email Address.
  • Use A Disposable Email Address.
  • Never Publish Your Email on Your Website.
  • Use Multiple Emails for Different Purposes.

Report Spam on Gmail  

In this section, we’ll show you how to permanently stop spam emails on your Gmail account. Reporting spam and unsubscribing in Gmail Mail is an effortless job.

There are a few simple steps to Report Spam to a sender’s email address on Gmail, which are as follows:

  • Step 1: Open the Email Message: After login into your Gmail account, click and open the message, which you want to Report Spam and unsubscribe. When the message opens you can see the three dotted icons on the top right side. 

How to permanently stop spam emails on Gmail?

  • Step 2: Click on the Dotted Icon: After that, click on the three-dotted icon and you can see the different options and “Report Spam” is one of them.

Click three dotted icon to report spam

  • Step 3: Report Spam Email Address: Finally, click on the Report Spam. You may see the following pop-up windows to confirm Report Spam and Unsubscribe. This email message will be marked as spam

Click Report Spam to stop spam emails

Report Spam on Yahoo  

Now, we’ll show you how to stop spam emails on your Yahoo account. Reporting spam and unsubscribing in Yahoo Mail is also a very easy job. There are also a few steps to Report Spam to a sender email address on Yahoo Mail, which are as follows:

  • Step 1: Open the Message: Login into your Yahoo Mail and open the Inbox message, which you want to Report Spam. When the message opens you can see some icons such as Archive, Move, Delete and Spam in the top middle position.

How to stop spam emails on Yahoo?

  • Step 2: Mark as Spam: Go to the Spam icon and mouse over on the icon, then you can see the pop-up message “Mark as SPAM”. This pop-up message indicates this email (which you want to Report Spam) will be marked as spam email.

Mark as Spam to protect from Spam Email

  • Step 3: Report Spam Email Address: Finally, click on the Spam icon. This email message will go to your Spam folder.

Don’t Respond to Spam Email

If you reply to spam emails, the spammers know that your account is active, and you’ll get more spam emails and will be the target for future attacks.

Suppose you have received a message and if you make out the email is spam then don’t open it. By the by, if you open the email then close it immediately and don’t click the URL link or respond to the email.

If you respond to the email, then you will be redirected to another vulnerable website and the attacker steal your sensitive information. In that case, you should mark it as Spam.

Don’t Share your Email Address

If spammers know your email address, then they will harass you by sending a large number of emails. And if you respond to that mail then they will hack your sensitive information.

So, permanently stop spam emails you should never share your email address with people (known/Unknown) and organizations. It is suggested that don’t publish your email address on the website.

Use a Disposable Email Address

This is another tip on how to permanently stop spam emails for Gmail and Yahoo. It is a very common case, that we are using our primary email address everywhere.

For example, you need to enter your email address for online shopping, travelling or to sign up for website applications.

In that case, it is better to use a disposable email address to protect from spam emails. So, you should use your primary email address only for personal and secret reasons.

Never Publish Your Email on Your Website

If you have a personal website, then try to avoid putting your email address on the web page. Spammers can easily find out your email address from your website and send you tons of spam emails.

It is better to try to keep your primary email address secret and not disclose it to others via the website. However, you can use a web contact information form instead of the email address.

Use Multiple Emails for Different Purposes

Use multiple emails for different purposes because it can manage emails very efficiently. Even, cyber security experts strongly recommended using different emails for different purposes.

You can use one email address for your reason but if you’re running a business then you must have different email accounts.

If you’re using your primary email for personal and business purposes then, spammers can get your email and send you spam emails. So, you should use separate email addresses for private and for businesses to stop spam emails in your inbox.

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Finally, if you recognize that you have received a spam email then don’t open it. However, if you open the email and then understand it’s a spam email, close it immediately.

We have shown the required steps and tips on how to permanently stop spam emails for both Gmail and Yahoo. You need to follow the above steps and tips to keep spam out of your email and stay safe. Hope this article will help protect from spam emails!!!

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