How to Protect My Phone from Being Hacked?

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Phone hacking is the process of unauthorized access, where hackers attempt to gain your sensitive information. In modern times, smartphones are an essential portion of our daily lives.  So, it’s time to ensure the security of your phone from being hacked. That’s why in this post, our cyber security team has analyzed and suggested special tips on how to protect my phone from being hacked.

Why Protect My Phone from Being Hacked?

At present, hackers are very smart, and they can get access to your phone in different ways. If you are using a phone, then you are vulnerable to phone hacking. So, we should know how to protect our phones from being hacked to protect personal and critical information.

We are using our phones for different purposes such as online shopping, making payments, paying bills, online money transfers and ordering food.  For these reasons, we need to store our sensitive information on phones such as account passwords, credit card details and financial information.

If a hacker or unauthorized user can get access to your phone, then they can hack your sensitive information and access your all accounts. That’s why it is very important to secure information to protect your phone from being hacked.

Tips on how to protect my phone from being hacked

How to Protect My Phone from Being Hacked?

Here are the best tips on “how to protect my phone from being hacked” to protect personal and sensitive information.

  • Use a Password for the phone Lock Screen
  • Download Apps Only from Trusted and Secured Sites
  • Don’t Respond to Suspicious Emails to protect your phone.
  • Avoid Using Unsecured Public Wi-Fi
  • Install a Phone Security App to protect your phone from hacking.
  • Keep Up to Date Phone Operating System and Software
  • Don’t Give Your Phone Number to Unknown Person
  • Change Phone’s Default Password
  • Browse only Secured Websites
  • Don’t save your passwords on the Phone.

Use Password for Phone Lock Screen

How to protect my phone from being hacked? To protect your phone from hackers you should use a password to lock your phone. Hackers can easily get access and steal your phone’s information if you don’t lock your phone by password or pattern. If it is very difficult to remember a password, then you can use a smart pattern lock instead of a password.

Expert Tips

To lock your phone Go to Settings –> Security and Privacy or Security –> Lock Screen or Smart Lock.

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Download Apps Only From Trusted and Secured Sites

We know that an unsecured and untrusted website may have viruses and malware to compromise your mobile phone. So, don’t download anything from untrusted sources which may impact your phone.

When you are going to download any mobile apps first think the source is trusted and secured such as Google Play Store.  You may also check the privacy policy before downloading any apps.

Don’t Respond to Suspicious Email to protect Phone

If you use your email account on your phone, then you should use it very carefully. When receive an email from an unknown source which seems to phishing email with an attachment file. 

A phishing email may contain a virus or malware to hack your sensitive information. In that case, you should never open and don’t download the attachment file to protect your phone.

A suspicious or phishing email may have a link and if you click on that link then you are redirected to a malicious site to compromise your information.

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Avoid To Using Unsecured Public Wi-Fi

Avoiding public Wi-Fi networks is another important tip on how to protect my phone from being hacked. A public Wi-Fi is unsecured, and hackers can exploit that connection to steal information from connected devices.

So, don’t use public Wi-Fi and make sure that your phone doesn’t automatically connect to public Wi-Fi networks (in airports, shopping malls, hotels etc.). However, if you need to use the internet then you can use cellular network data instead of public Wi-Fi networks.

Avoid Free Wi-Fi to protect your phone from being hacked.

Install a Phone Security App to protect your Phone from Hacked

A Phone Security app is a software program that can help protect my phone from being hacked. Phone Security app helps to protect against viruses, malware and other types of cyber threats. So, to protect your mobile device from spyware and cyber-attacks you should install an antivirus app.

A security app not only identifies and removes malware from your phone but also helps to identify malicious websites when you visit for. Here is the list of the best Android antivirus of 2021; you can install and use one of their antiviruses.

  1. Avast Mobile Security
  2. Bitdefender Antivirus
  3. AVG Antivirus
  4. McAfee Mobile Security
  5. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus
  6. Sophos Mobile Security
  7. Norton 360
  8. ESET Mobile Security
  9. Malware bytes

Keep Up To Date Phone Operating System and Software

Keep up-to-date operating systems and software apps to protect your phone from being hacked. You should install the latest updates immediately whenever they are available.

Typically, older version software may have vulnerabilities and bugs. Cyber hackers are looking for security holes in the software to exploit security vulnerabilities. Software publishers find out the bugs and fix those bugs to update their software.

Whenever an updated version of software is available you should install the software immediately. One of the very easy ways is to enable automatic updates for your operating system and apps to protect your phone from hackers.

Don’t Give Your Phone Number to Unknown Person

If hackers know your phone number, then they can send you a phishing link to your phone via SMS to compromise your personal information. A hacker can collect your phone number from social media websites (such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) and will try to access your accounts. Even if you know someone online then you should never give out your phone number before a physical meeting.

So, we can say that don’t give out your phone number to an unknown person to protect your data and protect your phone from being hacked.

Change Phone’s Default Password

When you purchase a new phone, the phone comes with a default and simple password such as 1234, 2021, or 123456. If someone knows this password, then he/she can take advantage such as can install malicious software to hack your data. That’s why; you should immediately change the default password of your phone to prevent hackers.

Browse only Secured Websites

You should browse only secured websites and try to avoid browsing unsecured websites. Typically, an unsecured website may contain malicious software which can impact your phone. So, when browsing an unsecured website and if you click on a link or download anything then malware can install on your phone to hack your information.

You can check if a website is secure by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate in the URL. The domain of the website will start with https:// instead of http:// such as

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Don’t save your passwords on the Phone

Don’t save passwords on your phone is the last tip on “how to protect my phone from being hacked”. A hacker can easily get access your accounts if you save passwords on your phone. It is a very bad practice, we save our passwords on our phones for various applications such as social media, banking or financial apps. We don’t want to call our memory to enter the password next time login into accounts.

If your smartphone is stolen by someone then he/she can access your all apps. That’s why never save passwords on your phone. It is better to download a password manager to save your multiple passwords.

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Finally, the above safety tips can help you to protect your phone as well as all sensitive information from hackers and unauthorized access. Hope the article How to protect my phone from being hacked will be helpful for those who are using a phone.

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