What does a Cyber Security Engineer Do?

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cyber security engineer is an IT (Information Technology) security specialist who analyzes, developing and implementing a secure computer network, and ensure the applications are running safely. In this article, we will explore what does a cyber security engineer do and what their responsibilities are.

As we know that, every company’s first line of defence is protect against unauthorized entrance into a system. Cyber security engineers are responsible for testing and monitoring computer networks and software application to ensure security and protect from unauthorized access.

What Does A Cyber Security Engineer Do?

Cyber security engineers not only do how to protect from cyber security threats, they also know how to plan and prepare before any security threats take place. So, cyber security engineer’s duties and responsibilities are very essential and they play an important role of an organization to protect from cyber-attacks. However, what does a cyber security engineer do are as follows:

what does a cyber security engineer do of an organization

1. Develop Security Policy

A cyber security engineer develops a set of security policy and standards for organization which will protect from cyber security threats.

2. Planning and Designing Computer System

They planning, designing and implementing secure computer networks and software applications of an organization. They also monitoring and upgrading security measures to protect from unauthorized access

3. Data and Infrastructure

Data is the core of an organization. Security engineer ensuring the organization’s data and infrastructure are secured from cyber-attack. They will also ensure data backup and recovery in case of data loss event.

4. Install security Devices

What does cyber security engineer do? Cyber security engineers are very expert person in security sector. They know how to configure and install cyber security tools and devices. Typically, they installing security devices and certificate such as firewalls, SSL certificate, Web application firewall, digital signature and VPN.

5. Find Security Vulnerabilities

When a system or application has installed for an organization so, there can be security vulnerabilities. A cyber security engineer identifies the weaknesses or vulnerabilities of a system and take necessary action to solve it.

6. Up to date Software

Security engineer update operating system (such as Microsoft, Apple, Linux) and application software with the latest security patches in order to protect from cyber security threats.

They know that older version software may have security vulnerabilities and when a new version of software is released they will update the software immediately.

7. Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is security testing process where cyber security engineer finds out the security weakness in applications, network or server that cyber attackers can exploit. As a security engineer they know the required steps or process for how to find out the security holes of an application.

They will use the following penetrating testing software to detect the security vulnerabilities of an application.

8. Monitoring the System

After implementation all security devices, they will monitor the overall system is there has any problem. They will be troubleshooting on system security, network problems and also recommending security improvements techniques to the management. Cyber security experts analyzes and recommend on new security technologies and solutions to the management.

9. Employee Training

Employee training is very important responsibilities of a security engineer. Cyber attackers can get unauthorized access into your system because of employees’ knowledge and mistake. If an organization have that types of employees then the organization are vulnerable to cyber-attack.

So, if your organization has security engineers then they will educate your employees about cyber security and protection tips to protect from cyber-attack. And if your organization have no engineers then you can hire them as par time or pay them as consultancy.

10. Reporting

What does a cyber security engineer do? This is another important job of a security engineer after day end. They will daily reporting and communication with the relevant departments in the organization. Cyber security engineers also reporting security findings and feedback to management.


A security specialist is a very vital person of an organization and plays an important role for ensure security. Cyber security engineers are responsible for ensure security of computer networks and software application from unauthorized access. We have discussed What does a cyber security engineer do of an organization. Hope this post will be helpful for you.

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