7 Best Firewall for Small Business: Top Picks

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Firewalls are one of the most essential items you should get to protect your business, both small and big. In this post, we’ll explain the best firewall for small business, which can protect your company’s sensitive data and help you to prevent cyberattacks.

However, these devices tend to be quite expensive, which makes them hard to afford for small businesses. But luckily, after deep research, we have been able to find some of the best firewalls for small companies under budget.

So, keep on reading to know more about these in our review guide below.

Why Do Small Businesses Need Firewalls?

A firewall is a piece of hardware or software that monitors and controls network traffic entering and leaving the system in accordance with predetermined security guidelines.

As a cyber security engineer or ICT business owner, you should have the best firewall for your business. No doubt, a firewall is required for your business. It ensures cyber security and keeps your business safe from cyber-attacks. 

Now, the question is, why a firewall is needed for small businesses? There exist several rationales for your organization to require a firewall.

Protection of data

The protection of data is one of the key reasons why small businesses should opt for firewalls.  Sensitive information, including bank records, customer information, and intellectual property, is frequently handled by small firms. By blocking unauthorized access and screening out harmful traffic, a firewall aids in the protection of this data.

Helps to modify business needs

High-end firewall options made specifically for small enterprises provide a safe way to roll out new apps. They provide cutting-edge, platform-specific security for email, VoIP, video, and multimedia applications, creating a safe space for integrating a variety of software.

Prevents cyberattacks

It is recommended that you need the best firewall for small business. Without a firewall, a small business network is vulnerable to ransomware, phishing, malware, and hacking.

Thus, a firewall provides an additional line of defense. It has the ability to stop viruses, ransomware, malware, and other harmful applications from trying to enter your network.

Builds a secure infrastructure

Implementing strong firewalls, keeping hardware and software settings current, imposing stringent access rules, and using encryption techniques are all necessary to set up a secure infrastructure.

Data safety is ensured by this configuration, which is reinforced by routine upgrades, cybersecurity training for staff members, and careful threat detection.

Helps to run business smoothly

By reducing the possibility of network disruptions brought on by cyberattacks, a firewall aids in guaranteeing the continuation of corporate activities. It strengthens the network infrastructure’s resilience. The greatest firewalls guard against security lapses that might impair vital corporate apps and services.

Top 7 Best Firewall For Small Business

Small companies often cannot find the best firewalls for them due to the high pricing and complexity of most firewall setups. Luckily for you, we have found the 7 best firewall for small businesses that come at a good price and offer heavy-duty performance.

1. Meraki MX68 Network Security Firewall 

The first product on our list is the Cisco Meraki MX68 which comes with 3-year licensing and Stateful firewall throughput of 450 Mbps.

Cisco Meraki is known for creating hardware as well as cloud-based firewalls. The Meraki MX68 is one of the best firewall for small businesses that can also be integrated with other Meraki products and work as one. The MX68 has a fully working WiFi access point together with the fundamental firewall features.

Best firewall for small business

It has a 450Mbps stateful inspection firewall in a compact form factor that is desk-friendly, and it has two independent PoE-powered Ethernet ports that may be used to directly connect PoE devices. . Furthermore, this firewall is notable for having an easy-to-use interface that even non-IT staff members may utilize.

Moreover, it offers zero-touch setup and remote administration due to its 100% cloud-managed architecture. This also makes upgrades easier and can be used remotely, which is a big benefit for companies that want mobility.

Regarding security, the MX68 has a range of functionalities that include content filtering, virus protection, and intrusion prevention—all crucial components for network safety.

The MX Security appliance will block HTTP-based websites and downloads. However, if the MX receives a suspicious or malicious file for the download, it will block the file.

Key Features

  • Maximum throughput of 450 Mbps.
  • Includes 10 LAN ports, along with 2 PoE+ ports.
  • Comes with 3-year enterprise license.
  • Option to increase the license period.


  • This product is very easy to set up.
  • The form factor is small and takes a little space to store.
  • Point-to-point Static IPs are unnecessary for VPNs to track IP changes dynamically.
  • Should work perfectly for 50 users or less.


  • Doesn’t have an SSL decryption feature.

Final Verdict

For small organizations looking for scalable protection, simple management, and strong security, the Meraki MX68 Enterprise Licenced Network Protection Firewall Bundle is a great option.

Moreover, for businesses looking to implement unified threat management (UTM) on campuses, branch offices, data centers, or dispersed locations, this device is perfect.

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2. FortiGate-100F Firewall For Small Business

FortiGate-100F is another best firewall for small business. A powerful firewall solution, the FortiGate-100F with Hardware Plus 1 Year 24×7 FortiCare and FortiGuard Enterprise Protection combines outstanding performance security capabilities with extensive support.

Fortified with an entire set that comprises a year’s subscription to 24×7 FortiCare and FortiGuard Enterprise Protection, the FortiGate-100F is a network security powerhouse.

The networking and security features of FortiGate Entry-level NGFWs are combined into a single solution. Additionally, complexity is further decreased by FortiGate Cloud’s simple management.

FortiGate-100F firewall for small business

Furthermore, businesses can conduct deep inspection of encrypted communication at a reasonable cost in order to automatically identify and thwart malicious activity as well as highlight all dangers and flaws.

SOC-as-a-Service, in-line sandbox, and Universal ZTNA are a few of its noteworthy features. Additionally, every firewall has a proprietary ASIC design from it, which enhances both security and networking performance, increases return on investment, and lowers network power usage.

Key Features

  • Firewall Throughput of 20.0 Gbps.
  • Includes 1-year FortiCare enterprise protection.
  • Provides continuous updates for the firewall.
  • Designed to be scalable.


  • With a custom SMB bundle, you can cut expenses and IT time.
  • Feature-rich SD-WAN implementation with zero-touch.
  • It is fairly easy to set up because of the straightforward interface and centralized management.
  • Offers ongoing risk evaluation through automation and security rating.


  • The price is on the higher side.

Final Verdict

When combined with a 1-year FortiCare and FortiGuard Protection package, the FortiGate-100F Hardware is a formidable choice for small companies looking for unwavering protection. It’s a great investment for companies that value superior protection.

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3. Cisco Meraki MX67-HW Security Firewall

Another best firewall for small company on our list from Cisco is the Meraki MC67-HW. It has a data transfer speed of 450 Mbps and a very compact form factor.

For small organizations, the Cisco Meraki MX67-HW Wired Network Security/Firewall has a desirable combination of security features and intuitive control. With its many security capabilities, such as intrusion prevention and content filtering, this device offers complete protection against attacks.

Because of its scalability, expanding easily is possible, meeting changing security requirements as the company grows. This flexibility is essential for small businesses who want to grow without sacrificing security protocols.

Cisco Meraki MX67-HW firewall for small company

However, this device comes as a device only and doesn’t include any licensing. Thus, you will need to take a subscription additionally which can seem bothersome for many.

In the case of an outage, the load balancing and SD-WAN features allow for autonomous switching between the many WAN connections that are accessible.

The MX67 also features four GbE LAN ports, one of which may be turned into a WAN interface in the event that dual WAN access is needed, and a single dedicated GbE WAN interface.

Key Features

  • Can be managed centrally through cloud.
  • Offers Layer 7 application visibility and traffic shaping.
  • Has recommended usage for maximum of 50 clients.
  • Stateful throughput of 450 Mbps.


  • The management application is easy to use.
  • Can be integrated with other Meraki products.
  • The dashboard is user friendly.
  • Integrates several security measures into a single platform to provide effective defense.


  • Doesn’t come with subscription plans.

Final Verdict

For small organizations seeking a cloud-managed solution with extensive security features, the Cisco Meraki MX67-HW is the perfect choice. Moreover, its scalability makes it a more suitable choice for future upgrades.

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4. Zyxel USGFLEX500BUN Firewall for Small Business

Zyxel’s USG110v2 is the best small business firewall. With a 5x UTM performance, the newly built Zyxel USG FLEX Series can maximize firewall performance while minimizing computational power consumption. It also comes with VPN Firewall and Nebula license both for one year.

Zyxel’s USG110v2 BUN offers a strong defense system against a variety of cyberthreats, utilizing multi-layer security to keep networks secure from attacks both inside and external.

Because of its range of security services, enterprises can efficiently restrict online access and prevent unauthorized use of applications. By addressing blind spots in encrypted data even with TLS 1.3, Zyxel’s top-of-the DNS content filter offers broad safety and removes the need for SSL examination installation.

Best small business firewall

This the best firewall for small businesses, which dashboard also provides easy-to-use threat statistics and traffic summary graphics. Thus, you may leverage this report to do further threat analysis using correlation characteristic layout, which will provide preemptive network status backtrack in order to avoid the subsequent danger occurrence.

In addition, the one-year bundled licenses offer an affordable alternative, lowering the initial cost and obstacles. Furthermore, Zyxel’s cloud-based maintenance platform is compatible with the Nebula Licence, which simplifies configuration and management operations.

In order to maximize corporate productivity, it therefore offers a centralized deployment security policy to the distant workforce via Nebula and traffic shaping, which removes the network bottleneck.

Key Features

  • Recommended for 150 users or less.
  • Provides 1 SFP and 7 x Gigabit Configurable WAN/LAN.
  • Has SPI firewall of 2300 Mbps.
  • Supports 5 GHz frequency.


  • The secure WiFI service is used to provide a L2 tunnel.
  • Comes with 2FA network access network access for extra security.
  • Can be controlled from both android and iOS.
  • Has a very fast data transfer speed of 800 Mbps.


  • The renewal cost can be high.

Final Verdict

The Zyxel USGFLEX500BUN is one of the most powerful firewalls for small businesses on our list. This whole bundle makes sure your company stays secure even from heavy flow of cyberattacks.

5. SonicWall TZ570-W Security Firewall

The SonicWall TZ570-W is another great firewall both for small and mid-sized businesses. This device comes with a sleek design that can be controlled by touch and has a firewall throughput of 4 Gbps.

An easy-to-use interface makes it simple to configure and maintain this firewall. Designed for scattered enterprises and small to medium-sized businesses with SD-Branch regions, the 7th generation (Gen 7) TZ series offers outstanding price-performance together with industry-validated security efficiency.

In addition, the SonicWall TZ570-W Network Security Appliance displays a wide range of hardware connections, including two 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports, two USB 3.0 ports, eight 1 Gigabit Ethernet ports, and a console port. These interfaces provide flexible communication, supporting different network segments and devices.

Best firewall for both small and mid-sized business

It also has a multi-core hardware design, which enables real-time threat protection and fast processing. When used in conjunction with Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection (RFDPI), an exclusive technology from SonicWall, it provides an effective scanning procedure without sacrificing network speed.

The throughput speeds of this firewall are one of its key features. It promises quick traffic processing and strong security measures with a 4.00 Gbps firewall inspection and threat prevention throughput each. Operating at 2.5 Gbps, the intrusion prevention system (IPS) quickly identifies and neutralizes threats.

Furthermore, its 1.80 Gbps IPSec VPN throughput guarantees quick and secure connectivity for customers that are remote or between sites.

Key Features

  • Consists of 8×5 phone, email, and online support.
  • Firewall Throughput of 4 Gbps.
  • Features two 8x1GbE, two 5GbE, two USB 3.0, and one console.
  • IPS Throughput of 2.5 Gbps.


  • Impressive high throughput speeds
  • The deep packet intrusion and anti-malware defenses provide robust security system.
  • A complete overview of the security state of your network is provided by the centralized administration platform.
  • Has safe SD-WAN functionality


  • The interface may seem complex for amateurs to understand.

Final Verdict

The SonicWall TZ570-W Network Security Appliance with 1 year of 8×5 support comes with some of the finest firewall features in the market. If you have the budget and you want a device with string security features and high throughput speeds, then this is the device for you.

6. Ubiquiti Unifi Security Gateway (USG)

Ubiquiti Unifi Security Gateway (USG) is a unique security solution and best firewall for small business. In the enterprise networking space, Ubiquiti has long been a mainstay, and the Ubiquiti Unifi Security Gateway (USG) instantly lives up to its moniker. It comes at a compact design offering decent security features and has excellent review.

The Ubiquiti Unifi Security Gateway is a cost-effective and intuitive security solution. The USG offers fundamental security features including firewall protection, VLAN compatibility, and site-to-site VPN features at an affordable entry point.

Furthermore, UniFi USG’s sophisticated firewall policy protects your network and data from illegal access and online threats. Additionally, when using a public network, VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology ensures that your identity and data are protected.

Ubiquiti Unifi Security Gateway

This is the best firewall for small businesses. You will also find 3 Gigabit ports which enables businesses to effectively control the amount of data flowing across their networks, enabling smooth connectivity between different devices.

Furthermore, the CLI (Command Line Interface) administration feature accommodates more experienced users by providing a more detailed and adjustable method of configuration and control.

Its ability to process packets, which can handle up to one million 64-byte packets per second, is impressive despite its small size. In high-demand situations, this quick processing guarantees effective data transfer and reaction times.

It also guarantees continuously seamless high-speed data transfers over a range of packet sizes, with a 3 Gbps total line rate for bigger packets (512 bytes or more).

Key Features

  • Controlled by the UniFi controller.
  • Provides safe off-site oversight and administration.
  • Has 3 Gigabit ethernet ports.
  • Includes CLI management for experts.


  • Comes at a very reasonable price.
  • Provides regular updates and patches.
  • No drops shown in Layer 3 VLAN testing.
  • USG-to-USG VPN connections operate without any issues.


  • Doesn’t have advanced security features.

Final Verdict

If you are on a tight budget and you deal with less data, then the Ubiquiti unifi security gateway is the correct choice for you. Considering the price point, it offers some decent security features and the CLI option allows experts to play with the configuration.

7. Palo Alto PA-400 Firewall For Small Business

This is the last best firewall for small business on our list. The PA-440-LAB from the Palo Alto PA-400 series is a key player in the world of firewalls. It comes with a 1-year subscription and 8 ports for easy connectivity along with an APP control mechanism.

The most recent firewall operating system, PAN-OS 10.1, is compatible with the PA-400 Series. This implies that you receive the latest Cloud Identity Engine feature in addition to all the features released up to PAN-OS 10.1, such as Credential Phishing Protection and Policy Optimizer.

Palo Alto PA-400 Series Security device

Moreover, correlating traffic with user IDs irrespective of location or device type is another fantastic feature of this. This means that the firewall can precisely link the traffic to the particular user, regardless of whether they are logging in from a branch office, a retail location, or virtually on another device.

For a year, its Plus Subscription Bundle gives users accessibility assistance, threat analysis, and continuous upgrades, guaranteeing that the firewall is always running the most recent security patches.

Furthermore, this firewall, which is built for high-performance network security, guarantees complete threat avoidance with features like sophisticated malware protection, intrusion prevention, URL filtering, and next-generation firewall functionality.

Key Features

  • Run by PAN-OS 10.1 Operating System
  • Has user centric traffic management.
  • Can be remotely controlled by APP.
  • Comes with 8 ports for easy connectivity.


  • Provides advanced next-generation firewall features.
  • It provides granular management by linking certain users’ traffic to certain instances of it.
  • Includes SD WAN support.
  • Comes with 1 year subscription plan.


  • The considerable features may be excessive and add needless complexity for smaller companies.

Final Verdict

Organizations seeking the finest cybersecurity at the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) can opt for the PA-440 Firewalls (NGFWs). This is one of the finest firewalls in this budget which offers exclusive features like WildFire, GlobalProtect and more.

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Best Firewall For Small Business: Buying Guide

Choosing these above 7 products out of the lot wasn’t an easy task and we considered a few factors while selecting them. So, this buying guide will help you to find the best firewall for small business based on your preferences.

Essential security features

The main aim for firewalls is to protect your business from any types of cyber attacks and data theft. So, the first thing you need to look at is essential security features.

Give priority to a firewall that has a wide range of security features when choosing one for your company. Make sure it has robust defenses like application control, VPN support, intrusion prevention, and efficient malware protection that meet your unique company needs.


The compatibility of a firewall security product with your current setup is an important factor to take into account. Make that the firewall works in unison with your existing setup, supporting the operating systems and apps that are used often in your company.

Selecting a solution that works seamlessly with your current systems is crucial since compatibility problems can cause operations to be disrupted and inefficiencies to result.

Licensing fees

Consider the upfront cost as well as ongoing licensing fees when finding the right firewall solutions. You can figure out a balance by comparing several alternatives with required features.

So, it is important to find a firewall that both meets your budget and needs features for strong protection.

Updates and scalability

Another key factor of the best firewall for small business is that your firewall releases daily updates. Cyber Attackers are always on the verge to create new attack methods, so it is important that your firewall releases regular updates.

Along with updates, if your firewall offers scalability then it is a great advantage. Think about the growth possibilities of your company and select a firewall that can grow with your needs and this can involve more users, gadgets and networking tools.

Logging and reporting

Another great feature to look at in the firewall is logging and reporting. Network administrators can track traffic, identify trends, identify abnormalities, and solve problems by using the extensive reports that are generated when network events are recorded.

This feature maximizes the efficiency of the firewall by providing insight into network activity, assisting in the timely identification and mitigation of security risks, and presenting compliance proof.


After reading our guide so far if you are still having some questions on best firewall for small business, keep on reading our FAQs below to clear all your confusions.

Are firewall devices important for home usage?

Firewall devices can be useful for home use by offering an additional layer of protection to your network, even if they are not as important as they are in a commercial context. They support privacy preservation, provide parental controls, safeguard IoT devices, and aid in thwarting possible attacks.

What is the main difference between hardware firewall and software firewall?

A software firewall is installed on a different computer, but a hardware firewall operates on its own physical device. This is the primary distinction between the two types of firewalls.

A hardware firewall filters traffic as it travels through, protecting whole networks. On the other hand, software firewalls concentrate on controlling traffic unique to the device they are placed on.

Is one time investment enough for firewalls?

No, just one time investment is not enough to run the firewall. After you initially buy the firewall, you will also need to buy subscription plans. So after each of your subscription periods, you will again need to renew the plan. Thus, the payment plan is continuous as you continue to use the device.


Firewalls are essential for small businesses as well as large organizations. However, as they come in various designs and plans, you need to be careful to choose a product that best matches your requirements.

Additionally, do not just consider the initial buying cost for the device; also make sure to know about the subscription and licensing fees. We hope this post will be helpful to find out the best firewall for small business to ensure your business safety.

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