Top negative impact of social media on business

Employees are addicted to social media platforms and become more dependent on the activities in that virtual world. Social media has both positive and negative effects on business. In this post we will discuss on some top negative impact of social media on business.

Negative impact of social media on business

The most important negative effects of using social media on business are as follows:

1. Reduces employee Productivity

Social media are interactive platforms where employee passes most of their important time during work hours and wasting a lot of time such sites rather than focusing on their daily office activities.

Employees killing time on social media such as image or video uploading, browsing and updating their profile page, this will slow down their progress in the long run. Hence, reduce the employee productivity and their efficiency.

2. Increased Risk of Cyber Threat

One of the major negative effects is the possibility of the company network being exposed to cyber threat such as malware. Cyber hackers can install malware through social media platforms which can be very unsafe for your business and potentially damage your organization’s networks or computers.

3. Reduces Confidentiality and image of the company

There has a chance of increases the vulnerability of the company, reduces confidentiality and image of the company when employees excessively careless use of social media websites. Some employees post companies sensitive information on social media websites that would end up damaging the reputation of the company and reliability.

4. Losing Privacy at the Workplace

If you are using social media at workplace, then your colleagues will knows about all aspects of your personal life such as your behavior, choices, activities and your privacy. So, it is better do not use social media at the workplace or with colleagues to keep your business relationships.

5. Reduces employee relations 

Social media is one of the reasons to reducing the employee’s relations with each other. Some employees posting distasteful comments about their colleague hence subsiding their relationship and brings adversity within the workplace.

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